About Me

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Thomas Salerno and I am a freelance writer. In my nonfiction work, I enjoy exploring the intersection between Christianity and nerd/geek culture. I’m also a short story writer and aspiring novelist working in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. In addition, I enjoy writing articles that help communicate science (particularly the fields of paleontology and anthropology) to the general public. I hold a BA in Anthropology from Stony Brook University and between 2013 and 2020 I worked (first as a volunteer and later as a paid employee) at the American Museum of Natural History. I have been writing professionally since 2020 and have composed multiple articles for Bishop Robert Barron’s Word On Fire Catholic Ministries as well as Philip Kosloski’s Voyage Comics & Publishing. You can find links to all of my published articles here.

Also, please be sure to check out the variety of content on my blog including original essays, comic book reviews, and short stories! I’m also very active on Twitter and maintain a presence on LinkedIn.

Thank you so much for visiting my writer website! If you’d be interested in hiring me to write for your periodical, website or blog, please see my contact info. I hope you find something interesting, entertaining, or perhaps even inspiring during your stay here. Writing is — among many other things — a voyage of discovery. I’m so glad you could join me on my writer’s journey!

Thomas J. Salerno
October 29, 2020