‘Antares Ascended’ — Serialized sci-fi that you should be reading!

There’s a lot of great science fiction out there these days. The internet has radically altered the way we all consume media and many independent creators are taking their work directly to the people via platforms like blogs, YouTube, and Patreon. Today I’d like to spotlight one sci-fi project in particular that I’ve been supporting for a while and that I believe deserves your attention.

 Writer Gary Bloom is producing a serialized science fiction drama on Patreon called Antares Ascended. An enthusiastic love letter to classic sprawling space operas like Frank Herbert’s Dune, Antares Ascended tells the story of the strife between the noble houses of Antares and Virachoa as they vie for control of the solar-system-spanning Cycladean Empire of the Homyn race. I won’t say anything more about the plot. I really urge you to go out and read it for yourselves. I’ve been having a blast following this story and if you’re a fan of epic-scale sci-fi, I’m certain you’ll find a lot to like as well.

 One aspect of Antares that really works for me is the likeability of the protagonists. Bloom has fleshed out his main cast incredibly well! Over the course of the series, I’ve really come to care about the Antares family and their struggles. The villains are also terrifically characterized. They make my skin crawl in their most effective moments. They are despicable, ruthless, and wildly unpredictable, which makes for some shocking turns of events as the story progresses.

 The world that Bloom has created is detailed and well-realized with an entire solar system’s worth of locations to explore. The science and technology are grounded and believable. One impressive bit of worldbuilding is Bloom’s scientifically plausible method of limited telepathy. The religion of the Homyn race is elaborate with an entire pantheon of gods and goddesses, a priesthood, rituals, and a prophecy of doom. There is even a gladiatorial combat league known as the Tauran Games!

 Each month, for the price of a single comic book issue, you get access to two installments of this thrilling story. The plot is beginning to rapidly build up steam and war is coming to the Cycladean Empire so now is a perfect time to jump on board and catch up on the story. I heartily recommend checking out Gary Bloom’s Antares Ascended on Patreon and consider supporting this outstanding sci-fi project.

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